Who We Are

COOL CANDIES was founded in 2003 by a team of distribution professionals with a wealth of experience working in impulse-buy and food channels. The company meets the needs of manufacturers from different countries to insert and develop their brands on our market.

COOL CANDIES is an import and distribution company with a strong market position in Spain, as well as supplying Portugal and North Africa. COOL CANDIES specialises in confectionery, chocolate, snacks and small toys. We have licences with the main brands of the moment.


Our Mission

has a solid team of professionals working to make the company different, special and successful. We aim for a close working relationship with our clients, trust in our suppliers and above all to create an effective and sustainable development for our brands.

By following these principles we have managed to secure long-term relationships with our clients and suppliers.


COOL CANDIES distributes products for its suppliers, with a well-designed system based on the experience and knowledge acquired over more than 30 years working in the distribution sector. We provide a great opportunity for companies wanting to get their products onto the Spanish market.

Commercial Network

To ensure we can distribute our brands effectively, with more than 100 references in our catalogue, our staff cover the whole of the area we work in, providing a carefully developed service to more than 300 clients.

Logistics Service

The good level of service and the quality of our logistics are both highly important to our company, and they undoubtedly help to set COOL CANDIES apart from the rest.

We have a logistical operator that is a market leader in distribution and storage covering more than ten thousand square feet, kept at room temperature and fully monitored, with the most advanced logistics technology.

From the time the order is taken, the whole process is computerised and fully automated, which means a delivery service in 24 to 72 hours and with 99.3% of products delivered error-free.

The following LINK can access the Codina Logística y Distribución website.

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